I'm Mariana, Brazilian. Please read the FAQ before any question. Doll has come into my world color pink and

Where do you live? I am Brazilian, yes, I live in Brazil.

What part of Brazil do you live? In the south!

Check my blog? Of course:)

Rate of my blog? Right now!

How many people you follow? 80 -100

You have a boyfriend? Yep. He’s the person more perfect in the world. 

You speak English? As far as possible…

Do you have another tumblr? Yes I have, but I think that only Brazilians to understand.

Help me with html codes? I know nothing about it…

Themes indicates to me? ask me here

What’s your other blog? this

Follow me? Don’t ask me this.

ps.: first, you have to ask me to take a peek at your blog. Don’t follow me with the intention that I will follow you back. I love talk with my followers, so, please don’t waste your time being arrogant or rude.

Any other question, my ask is always available, honey <3

「 ۵ 」